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Since it's inception Now Faith Apostolic Ministries, "A Thankful Church" has been a haven for the disenfranchised, discouraged, and dismissed by society. We are a diverse church with a commitment to the community. We left our original location at 705 Martin Street in Atlanta GA, which is 105 years old, to move to our new location in Rex, GA in December 2017. We operate as a church without walls and have a mandate to speak to the masses through technology, business, entrepreneurship, community development, economic, social, spiritual development and social services. Our Senior Pastor, Dr. C.H. Braddy embodies our name Now Faith with his ministry of healing, deliverance and empowerment. Many testify that through our energetic worship and sound teaching, that their lives were transformed through faith AT Now Faith!


A true heart of a servant insuring that you have all the assistance your family needs to make this a memorable experience.

The ministry of "first impressions" welcoming all with a smile, a handshake, and even a hug! ​


Music Ministry

Singers and musicians who skillfully lead us to have an encounter with God each worship experience

Youth Ministry "FD4C"

A relevant, dynamic, and engaging ministry engaging Gen Y's, and Gen Xers to have a fulfilling relationship with Jesus

Outreach Ministry

A ministry focused on all forms of evangelism by engaging the culture through any means necessary.

Pastoral Support

This team has a heart towards supporting the Senior pastor and his family 

Benevolence Ministry

A ministry that fulfills our mandate to take up the cause of the widows, needy, homeless, and transient population.


Fine Arts

Many talents on display that praise God in liturgical dance, drama, and sign language


Spreading the Gospel around the world through the use of Technology and Social Media Platforms

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