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Senior  Pastor

Dr. C.H. Braddy

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Dr. C. H Braddy

Born in Southeast Atlanta near the Summerhill Community, C.H. Braddy was determined to not allow anything to impede against him achieving his dreams in life. A gifted child with an anointing to sing and preach the gospel at age 12 he auditioned to sing with 4 other teens in a new Gospel group from Atlanta, called “5 Young Men” and signed a recording deal with Sony Records. The group traveled nationally and internationally performing for many years.


By the time he was 19, Braddy decided to start a school for urban children who like himself benefitted from an experiential environment where they could also learn entrepreneurial skills.  By age 20, C. Harrison Braddy founded Braddy Preparatory Academy; a fully accredited K-12 Academy. 17-years later, Braddy Prep is still going strong and is the only dually accredited minority-owned operation of its kind in the State of Georgia. 


During the same period, Dr. Braddy started, managed and operated several other successful businesses while finishing his Seminary matriculation in Religious Studies and Christian Education. Pastor Braddy decided to apply for medical school, having received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from American International School of Medicine and clinical rotations at Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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Reflecting on his urban upbringing, Dr. Braddy was very disturbed by the mental health conditions among youth in urban Atlanta (especially stemming from drug abuse).This gave rise to his establishing Community Healthcare- serving thousands of patients yearly with several offices and two accredited intensive residential treatment facilities. Dr. Braddy employs over 450 full-time staff including physicians, clinicians, a full nursing department, Ph.D and Master level clinicians and paraprofessionals in the areas of behavioral health.

Dr. Braddy furthered his post-doctoral studies obtaining another Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University, in which he has published research in addressing primary care of HPV vaccinations as well as behavioral health and primary care integration. Dr. Braddy is a well-respected authority in behavioral health whose work has been studied by the University of Utah

and many other professionals. He has authored 2 books and is a respected authority in entrepreneurial studies. Dr. Braddy also holds an MBA from AIU-Dunwoody Campus. He is Board certified in Addiction Counselor from Georgia Board of Alcohol and Addiction Counselors ,is a member of NAADAC (National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors) and also holds a MAC-Master Addiction Clinician certification.

Still, none of these secular accomplishments have deterred Dr. Braddy from his true calling as a Man of God- called while he was yet in his mother’s womb to preach the gospel and establish and support ministries throughout the world. Furthermore, to establish Now Faith Apostolic Ministries- A Thankful Church with just two members. Now Faith truly is the “substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Just look around and give God all the glory. It’s not by THIS MAN’s might but by the Glory of God!

He has stood before Presidents, Heads of State and has traveled the world... Physician, scientist, educator, author, educator or JUST PREACHER...

Dr. C.H. Braddy, Senior Pastor and Founder

of Now Faith!


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